House Faqs

  1. How many people can live in the villa?
    The villa has 2 matrimonial bedrooms and two large children's rooms, so 6 people can live comfortably.
  2. Can I visit the property before the draw?
    You can visit the villa before the competition, but travel expenses are charged to you.
  3. Do I have to pay any transfer tax when I win?
    The Promoter will pay the cost of any stamp duty land tax, the solicitor's and notary's fees, the necessary costs for registration in the Land Registry and any other costs in relation to the transfer procedures provided in the country of the property.
  4. If I win the Villa, do I have to pay to travel to it?
    The Promoter undertakes the cost of air tickets for two people, economy class, two round trip, from one of the airports in London-UK to the airport in Athens – GR, up to £ 1,500.00 and accommodation in a 4 * hotel of Promoter’s choice, for 3 days at the place of the property, required for the completion of the contracts. Arrival-Departure by car of the charterer, from the airport to the Hotel and vice versa.
  5. When will the transfer contracts take place?
    The Promoter’s solicitor sends to the Winner the list of the necessary documents he must provide for the acquisition of the Prize titles. With the arrival of the documents, the notary starts and finishes the process of changing the Owner of the Prize as soon as possible.
  6. Can I rent the Villa?
    As the owner of the villa you have the right to rent it. Due to its location near the sea and the center of Athens, you can rent it as a holiday home or permanent residence throughout the year.
  7. Can I sell the Villa?
    Once you are the owner of the property, you can sell it at any time you want.
  8. When was the Villa built?
    The villa was constructed in 2007.
  9. Is the villa ready-made?
    The villa is ready-made and in full operation.
  10. What is the size of the residence?
    The habitable space in the elevated basement are 191.90 sq.m , on the elevated ground floor 171.40 sq.m , on the 1st floor is 175.00 sq.m ,the enclosed garage area is 76.00 sq.m and the other ancillary usage spaces 75.65 sq.m .
  11. Does the house have access to people with disabilities?
    The residence is accessible to all spaces by people with disabilities. Only one conversion is required in one bathroom.
  12. Is the house furnished?
    The villa is fully furnished and its furnishing is described in detail in the chapter: Spaces-Equipment.
  13. Does the Villa include household equipment and clothing?
    There is full household equipment and clothing required for the full operation of the residence and the service of 6 people.
  14. Is parking space available?
    There is an enclosed garage, where at least 2 cars, bicycles and motorcycles can park and a door to communicate with the interior of the house.
  15. Is there air conditioning?
    There are A / C devices, wherever needed.
  16. Are there security systems?
    CCTV surveillance cameras along the perimeter of the garden with CCTV footage recording device which has 15-days storage capacity.
    Intruder alarm devices installed in all openings (doors - windows).
    Smoke sensors in kitchens. Panic sirens in the semi-basement and the ground floor.
  17. With what kind of energy is the house fed?
    The house is powered by 220 volts. In case of a power failure, the generator is energized.
  18. How much are fixed costs?
    The minimum fixed cost of the property is estimated at approximately £ 285.00 per month. It includes the cost of electricity, water supply and state property tax.
  19. Will I get information on the operation and maintenance of the villa?
    Upon receipt of the property, the new owner after being informed in detail of the functions of the villa, a handbook will be delivered to him with the details of its construction and the names and addresses of the individual house maintenance technicians, which is not binding to use.
  20. Are there common facilities?
    All the facilities that are in the free space of the plot are in the exclusive use of the villa.
  21. Can I have property maintenance and cleaning service?
    It is possible that the seller of the property can help you in selecting the maintenance and cleaning service that is reliable. The final choice will be yours.
  22. Can I have a pet at home?
    You can have as many pets as prescribed by law in your property.
  23. How far away is the sea from the villa?
    In 5 min by car or 15 min. by bike there are many beaches, with clear and deep blue waters.
  24. How far away is the Villa from the center of Athens?
    Through the motorway of Attiki Odos, you have the opportunity to travel in 30 min. to the Center of Athens (total route 25 Km / 16 Mi).
  25. How far is the airport?
    The villa is 15 Km / 9.3 Mi or 15 min. away from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, with regular daily bus connection from the Port of Rafina.
  26. Where can I devote my free time?
    During the 11 months of the year, you can indulge your free time in water sports (swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, etc.), horseback riding, tennis, weekend visits to the islands of Cyclades, like Mykonos, Andros, Tinos, Naxos, etc. In a two-hour drive, in the winter, you can go skiing at the ski resorts of Arachova, Kalavrita etc.
  27. What attractions can I visit?
    The location of the residence, in Rafina, is very close to the most famous world-wide monuments of antiquity. Some of them and within 45 minutes are: The Αcropolis of Athens with the Parthenon, the Cape of Sounio, with the Temple of Poseidon, the Temple of Artemis in Vravrona-Attika at a distance of 300 km / 196.4 Mi is Ancient Olympia, with its famous Museum and the Archaeological Site, in which the ceremony of the Flame Touch is made, a basic prerequisite for the performance of the Olympic Games. There are also many other interesting monuments and monasteries of the byzantine period in the distance of two hours by car.
  28. What climatic conditions prevail?
    Regarding the climatic conditions of the region are among the mildest worldwide. (211 sunny days).

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