Ground Floor

171.40 sq.m
This is formed by Main Entrance, Daily Living Room, Main Living-Dining Room, Kitchen, Guest WC, Central Staircase and Elevator. All rooms have direct access to large verandas. These are covered, weather-protected and are used all year round, communicating with marble staircases with the garden and overlooking the sea, while the veranda of the lounge is in the same level of the garden's setting. Part of the kitchen’s veranda has been formed into a garden, for the cultivation of the necessary vegetables and aromatic plants of cooking.

Room’s Description & Details

MAIN LIVING ROOM- DINING: The living room and dining room is a single area in direct communication with the entrance area. In the main living room there is a salon table, an armchair, a three-seater and a two-seater sofa and a smaller table. In the dining room there is a table with 8 chairs and a buffet with the necessary utensils and dishes required for an official-festive dinner. The area communicates with the north-facing veranda and the garden, with two large balcony doors.

DAILY LIVING ROOM: It includes the fireplace, a sitting table, two armchairs, a three-seat sofa, a two-seater and two tables for sofas and armchairs. It is illuminated by two balcony doors and a window, from which you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea. The south balcony door has access to the veranda that is the same with the kitchen and its garden. The other balcony door communicates with the east covered veranda, overlooking the sea.

THE EASTERN VERANDA: Is protected from the north wind and it is suitable for a sitting room all year round. It communicates with a marble staircase with the garden and the BBQ area.

KITCHEN: It consists of built-in Italian made kitchen furniture, the existing household appliances are: kitchen stove and oven are built in, refrigerator with cold water supply, extractor hood and microwave oven. The kitchen counter is illuminated by 3 luminaires and has many sockets useful for cooking appliances, there are also sockets scattered on the rest of the walls. In the center of the room there is a large table with six chairs. The kitchen is isolated from the rest of the ground floor with a door to the stairwell and one to the daily living room.

KITCHEN AND DAILY LIVING ROOM VERANDA: It consists of two parts. One is covered with a wooden tile roof and the other part of the veranda is open-air and it has been turned into a garden.

LIVING ROOM ENTRY: Is a useful place to enter in the house and for a quick visit-meeting.There is a salon table, two armchairs and a two-seater sofa. It communicates with the eastern veranda with two large balcony doors.

MAIN ENTRY: It is the communication section of the house linking the pedestrian corridor to the street with the residence.

GUEST WC: On the left side of the staircase there is the guest WC containing a wash basin and a basin. The washbasin furniture also functions as a storage compartment.

NORTH VERANDA: On the veranda there is an outdoor living room with a three-seater sofa, two armchairs and a low seating table. The veranda and the garden are separated by one step and are suitable for celebrations, especially from April to November.

The photos of the room furnishings used in this competition are for illustration purposes only. The villa is furnished according to the description and owner's preference.

The competition will run from 20 September 2019 at 10.00 am and it will be completed on 18 January 2020 at 23.00 pm UK time . All times and dates referred to are the times and dates in London, England.

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