Cruise by Sailing Yacht

The 2nd Prize includes 5 cruises, on the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea ( East Mediterranean), by sailing yacht, 40 ft in length, with a total duration of 9 days and a total value of £ 10,000.00 each. Each cruise includes one-week cruise (7 days yachting +2 days of arrival and departure) departing from Rafina Port – trek to the Cycladic Islands of Aegean Sea – Rafina Port. Rafina is the town where The House of Light (that is the first prize of our competition) is located.

In the Prize of the Cruise the following are included:

  1. The sailing charter, yacht skipper and essential fuels worth up to £ 45, 00.
  2. Flight tickets for 2 People round trip economy class, from one of the airports in London-UK to the airport in Athens – GR, and worth up to £ 1,500.00.
  3. Arrival-Departure by car of the charterer, from the airport to the Hotel, from the Hotel to the Port and vice versa.
  4. Two overnight in a 4 * Hotel classic double room, Promoter’s selection, an overnight stay before departure and an overnight stay upon arrival.
  5. Catering supplies within the ship worth up to £ 800.00.
  6. Further of £ 800.00 for the Winner's expenses are provided, for his visit and entertainment on the islands and his stay in general.
  7. The Winners can deliver a list of the items they want on sailing yacht , to the administrator of the sailing yacht up to a value of £ 800.00 (the amount of chapter 5.).
  8. The Winners will come in contact with the Promoter, 10 days after accepting the Prize about when they wish to travel and mention which route they want to the Cycladic Islands of Aegean Sea.
  9. The ideal period for the cruise is between April and October.
  10. The Winners can be accompanied by a person, whose identification cards must be declared as well as the relationship between them, 30 days before the departure of the cruise.
  11. 30 days before the departure of the cruise, a contract will be between the administrator of the sailing boat and the winner, for the date of the cruise and the other terms of the Prize, under the supervision of the Promoter.
  12. If for any reason the winner does not comply with or appear to the agreed dates then he/she loses the prize.
  13. The Winners are responsible for the appropriate use of the sailing yacht, as stipulated in the sailing yacht use agreement between the Winner and the Administrator of the sailing yacht.
  14. A possible change of the sailing Cruises, in consultation with the Promoter, may take place due to weather conditions or for his/her pleasure, but always within the foreseen time.
  15. When you are the guest of the boat and want to stay on an island for a longer period of time, you can change the route, but always within the foreseen time.
  16. The Winner is responsible for any tax liability arising in his country , from the award of the Prizes or any other costs incurred, in relation to the participation in the Competition.
  17. Eight (8) possible routes to the Cyclades have been taken into consideration and presented, which are not binding, but you have to take into account that you have a specific return date and time at the port of Rafina. «Travel Choices»

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